Student Satisfaction Survey (Noel-Levitz)

In the latest Data Debrief report, we will explore the results of the spring 2023 Student Satisfaction Survey. The Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Survey is specifically designed to gather valuable feedback from our students about a range of issues like student-centeredness, campus services, instructional effectiveness, advising effectiveness, and campus safety. The survey is conducted once every three years.

Overall, ACC students tell us they are very satisfied with their educational experiences–more than 90% of students indicate ACC is meeting or exceeding their expectations. ACC continues to improve compared to prior years and outperforms national peers. The survey also highlights some challenges related to course availability, ease of registration, and convenient course times. These results highlight the importance of the Chancellor’s Priority for strategic scheduling.

For a brief walkthrough of the findings, check out the Data Debrief video.