In AY23-24, ACC implemented the Northridge 8-Week Campus Initiative with the goal of dramatically increasing eight-week course offerings on this campus. OIRA, in partnership with the Vice Chancellor of Instruction and the Northridge 8-week campus strike team, is conducting an evaluation of the initiative’s implementation.

Implementation year timeline:

  • Fall 23 (results available):
    • Analysis of course success outcomes for 8-week and 16-week students districtwide
    • Implementation survey of 8-week students districtwide
    • Implementation survey of 8-week faculty at Northridge
    • Poll of support staff at Northridge and relevant districtwide department chairs
  • Spring 24 (results not yet available):
    • Focus group with Northridge 8-week faculty
    • Focus groups with 8-week students at Northridge, in other in-person courses, and in online courses

Northridge 8-week campus initiative evaluation – implementation year update – Fall 23

In fall 2023, ACC evaluated preliminary indicators from implementation in the first semester of the 8-week campus initiative at Northridge. The components included in this evaluation were designed to inform the college’s understanding of lessons learned from early implementation efforts and so the college can continuously improve the 8-week offerings.