Research Proposal
Approval Date
Julie SieversStudent Experiences with Course Grade PoliciesDr. Grant Potts4/12/2024 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Aaron RiethmayerCommunity College Perspectives: Indentifying Potential Weekend College Pathways"Dr. Gaye Lynn Scott3/18/2024 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Kimberly PayneCollege Readiness in the Early College High School ModelDr. Roman Escamilla1/22/2024 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Bethany LewisLASS 2.0 evaluationDr. Susan Warner-Sanchez 11/30/2023 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Sonya ArmstrongWhat Do Students Think of the IRW Co-Requisite Model?Dr. Amarilis Castillo11/7/2023 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Jean AmaralCollege Fluency Capacity BuildingCourtney Mlinar10/30/2023 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Michelle Kelley ShulerAttitudes and Beliefs about the Therapeutic Use of Psychedelic Drugs Among Human Ser-vice Students, Educators, and Professionals09/05/2023 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Vanessa LazoStudent Retention and
Success in Eight-Week Courses: A One Year Study of First-Semester Language Courses to
Redesign Curricula and Programs
08/18/2023 (expedited representing minimal risk)
James MendozaAdult learners’ informal approach to mathematical functions and its impact on their formal understanding of college08/08/2023 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Stephanie JoinerUnderstanding Academic CoachingTraci Allen07/10/2023 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Holly KosiewiczUnderstanding the Needs of Part-time studentsGaye Lynn Scott05/02/2023
Karen SernaStudent Financial Empowerment Program Research02/27/2023 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Carolynn ReedDissertation: The Equity Impact of Math Corequisite Reform02/09/2023 (expedited representing minimal risk)
KellyStockstadA Quantitative Study of the Relationship among Prior Training, Perceived Academic Control, and Self-Regulated Learning in Online College Students” 11/21/2022 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Kelly GaffordExploring College Withdrawals and Failure Rates in ADHD Students: A Qualitative Study11/14/2022 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Rosa Rodriguez-AlvarezEvaluating the Impact of the Southern Community College Mental Health Services Program on Persistence and Academic Performance10/24/2022 (full committee review)
Garrett GrovesSub-Associate Certifications8/10/2022 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Alisa Elliott, Rie Takeuchi, Krezia Savella, Nina Lemieux, and Ngan HoangACC x UT Austin MA in Design Capstone3/10/2022 Exemt from further review
Lisa MooreCan teaching moral courage to nursing students make a difference?1/10/2022 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Theresa GlennParent/Family Involvement at Community Colleges: The Student Perspective12/14/2021 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Leona GamerlTeaching the Importance of Caring Can it Make a Difference11/5/2021 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Bola SohnRevisiting the model minority myth: the multiple pathways after high school among East Asian American studentGiao Phan11/5/2021 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Kristina FloresThe efficacy of corequisite College Algebra for Calculus preparationJoey Offer10/182021 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Ginger MullaneyAustin Community College (ACC) BAE-B-SAFE ProjectSteven Christopher10/11/2021 (full committee review)
Lauren Eyster
Evaluation of the Community College Growth Engine Fund
Gretchen Riehl9/10/2021 (full committee review)
FC CaranikasAdult Learner 360 (AL360) Surveys8/24/2021 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Julia DuncheonUnpacking the Effects of
Dual Credit Coursework on College Opportunity and Equity: A Comparative Case Study of
Different Course Delivery Contexts
Mison Zuñiga7/13/2021 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Leslie DavisCoPe EAGER: Establishing New Pathways Using Community College Students to Explore07/11/2021 One year extension approved
Franklin Marciales
CoPe EAGER: Establishing New Pathways Using Community College Students to Explore
the Tipping Point in Vulnerable Coastal Communities in Texas
Lauren Seebel7/11/2021 (approved exempt representing minimal risk)
Michael SmithAcculturation and Career Development Needs of Undergraduate Military VeteransBethAnn Warwick6/28/2021 (approved exempt representing minimal risk)
Ryan Ferguson
“Academic Continuity Planning and Learning Assistance: A Phenomenological Study of Supplemental Instruction Programs during COVID-19-Related Disruptions
Gaye Lynn Scott5/17/2021 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Diana CervantesMaking it Work: Career Success for Latino Men at Texas Community CollegesGuillermo Martinez III4/16/2021 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Janelle M. Green“Part Time Enrolled Community College Students: A
Case Study Examining the Experiences of the Invisible Majority
Eduardo L. Garcia4/14/2021 (expedited representing minimal risk)
April Whalen & FC CaranikasIdentification of Influences on Declared Major Selection4/6/2021 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Reshma GouravajhalaOWL Initiative: PACA Pre-Post Survey”Teresa Renee Esparza2/11/2021 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Joseph OleniczakDual Credit High School Community College DNA2/08/2021 (exempt)
Amy SimonsTeaching nursing in chaos: Transitions to the online environment during COVID-1912/04/2020 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Danica MacRaeEvaluation of an online faculty development module on virtual debriefing11/30/2020 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Carolyn HarnsberryThe Influence of a Corequisite Model on the Retention, Achievement, and Mathematics Self-Efficacy of College-Algebra Students”10/5/2020 Revisions and extension of one year approved
Michelle Kelley ShulerThe Perceived Problematic Behavior of Helpers-in-Training and Reported Self-Care Practices"10/01/2020 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Catherine MasRethinking the Supplemental Instruction Model to Meet the Needs of Community College StudentsRoxanne Royalty10/01/2020 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Shirin KhosropourTowards a Better Understanding of Student Conflicts and Perceptions of Resolution Mechanisms at ACC9/25/2020 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Pavitee PeumsangCommunity College Math Faculty Members: Racializing Teaching Practices and Classroom EnvironmentsAnne Praderas Vance8/31/2020 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Karen SernaRainy Day Savings Program Research (Trellis Foundation Funded)8/31/2020 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Carolyn HarnsberryThe Influence of a Corequisite Model on the Retention, Achievement, and Mathematics Self-Efficacy of College-Algebra Students”Cathleen Stephens8/19/2020 (full committee review)
Christy JohansonFoster Care Youth Perceptions of Resiliency and their Use of Campus Support Programming at a Community CollegeMario Tenorio8/5/2020 (full committee review)
Vanessa NicholsThe Impact of Various Skills Assessment Strategies on Performance Anxiety in Student nurses in the Simulation Setting4/24/2020 (full committee review)
Kristine HopkinsUT Auston College Health StudyRuth Reinhart2/3/2020 (full committee review)
Madison AndrewsReducing Student Resistance to Active LearningDavid Fonken1/23/2020 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Joyce Aberebigha TolofariNeeds Assessment for Retention of Prelicensure African American Students at the Associate Degree of Nursing (ADN) Program of Austin Community College11/22/2019 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Ann PalmerFaculty and Student Perceptions of INRW and Corequisites11/22/2019 (full committee review)
Sarah Garcia-PortilloAssessing Professional Experiences of Newly Licensed Registered Nurses during the First Year of Practice11/5/2019 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Amarilis M. CastilloA Case Study Investigation of the Transfer Aspirations of Latina Community College Students in Developmental Literacy Through a Reading LensElda Hernandez10/9/2019 (full committee review)8/15/2019 (full committee review)
Angela JonesEast Austin Community Survey 2019Gretchen Riehl8/15/2019 (full committee review)
Judith BrauerSupporting high-achieving, low-income, first-generation, and/or students of color at two-year institutions"Anne-Marie Thomas8/8/2019 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Sonya ArmstrongLiteracy Practices in Community Colleges College Career Technical Education and Developmental Literacy InstrucitonGaye Lynn Scott7/26/2019 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Carol Arlene DettmanDigital Fellowship: i Pads in the Classroom6/26/2019 Exempt from further review
Lisa MuilenburgPromising Practices for Integrating Developmental Mathematics Courses in College-Level Courses at Community CoursesMichael Huff6/12/2019 (expedited representing minimal risk)
John NationNursing Student Experience and Safety Awareness using 360-Degree Immersive Video Simulation6/12/2019 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Linnea FletcherInnovATEBIO National Biotechnology Center6/11/2019 (exempt based on federal guidelines)
Natalie Chapa VillarrealThe Study of Disproportionately Low Numbers of Hispanic Community College Presidents/CEOs in the United StatesLynn Moore5/5162019 (exempt based on federal guidelines)
Amy SimonsTeam Teal 1015/14/2019 (full committee review)
Shih-Ting LeeFaculty Professional Development with ACC Instructional Design Department5/7/2019 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Roberta M. RinconUnderstanding the Development of an Engineering Identity among Female Community College Engineering Transfer StudentsGaye Lynn Scott5/1/2019 (expedited repsenting minimal risk)
Wajma NasherOnline Education and the Need for Professional Development Training for Online Faculty at Community Colleges4/19/2019
Eric AnschutzDiversity in Community College3/8/2019 (exempt based on federal guidelines)
Whitney WilliamsThe Experiences and Perceptions of African American Woemn in Prenatal CareChristina Michura3/1/2019 (expedited repsenting minimal risk)
Kelly HamadeIdentification and Remediation of Students At-Risk for NCLEX Failure2/5/2019 (exempt based on federal guidelines)
Zachary W. TaylorSavings Account Interview ProjectKaren L. Serna1/28/2019 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Brandon WhatleyUSDA/NIFA grant opportunities in agriculture12/19/2018
Kristina FloresThe impact of corequisite design on gateway algebra success12/3/2018 (expedited representing minimal risk)
Lauren MillerAdult ESL education and discourses of power language and instructor languageKathy Dowdy10/23/2018
Terry RigsbyA comparative analysis of student success outcomes of early college high school and dual credit students at Auston Community CollegeMark Butland10/2/2018
Catherine SchmidtServices for Students with Disabilities in Two-Year Colleges: A Qualitative StudySteven Christopher6/26/2018
Zachary TaylorExploring intending-transfer community college perception of transfer cost"Karen Serna5/7/2018
Samuel Echevarria-CruzCampus-Based Student Success Study5/4/2018
Belinda PenaEvaluation of ACC Student Money Management Office (SMMO)--student Needs AssessmentKaren Serna4/23/2018
Chris CerviniLumina Grant Stop-Out Research Project3/19/2018
Erlene ClarkCreativity Assessment for ArchitectureDouglas Smith2/19/2018
Lauren GagePerceived role of faculty in community college student persistence following death loss11/21/0207
Kasey KlepferStudent Financial Wellness SurveyTerry Bazan11/15/2017
Roman EscamillaThe Importance of Workforce Education to the Community College Student11/9/2017
Nicole WilliamsMy Culture is My Identity: Understanding Cultural Aspects that Permeate Ethnic Minorities' Deelings Regrading Their BodiesTina Colvin10/16/2017
Leatrice Marlene MeadorPredicting Intent to Remain in Academia for Nursing Faculty in Community Colleges in Texas: A Qualitative StudyNatasha Randolph10/2/2017
Zachary TaylorQualitative Analysis of ACC's Student Management OfficeKaren Serna9/9/2017
Padmaja B. VedarthamIdentifying Strategies to Improve Retention and Success Rates among Anatomy & Physiology Students: A Case StudyRick Fofi8/17/2017
Diane Whitley GroteStudent Autonomy as a Contemporary Measure of Care Theory and its Influence on Student Creativity and Performance8/9/2017
Kimberly MurphyLearning to Study Smart: Building Metacognitive Skills using Evidence-Based Study PracticesFelix Villareal7/5/2017
DairaWilsonImpact of Podcasts on Learning Outcomes in Nursing StudentKelle Howard5/30/2017
Denise Guckert-von EhrenValidity of Using a College Placement Test for Placement into Adult Basic EducationKathy Dowdy5/10/2017
Heather EliasTeaching Early College High School Students at a Community College: Leveraging Commuinty College Faculty Input for Student and Programmatic Success4/18/2017
Caryn NewburgerWho Sponsors the Sponsors? Literacy Narratives of Basic Writing Instructors4/3/2017
Deniz SoydanAdult Learners' Experince with Immediate Intervention in a Self-regulated Learning EnvironmentShannon Bailey4/3/2017
Jeanne A. ColwellThe Meteoric Rise in Plagiarism: Are Boomers to BlameHerb Coleman2/8/2017
Chris Fernandez and Jeff WebsterTG Financial Security StudyKaren Serna1/9/2017
Felix VillarrealThe Experiences of Biology Instructors at a Community College with the Inverted ClassroomRick Fofi12/12/2016
Wade BradfuteHolistic Advising12/7/2016
Jessica R. TostePostsecondary Transition: Experiences and Perceptions of College Students with Learning DisabilitiesSteven Christopher11/28/2016
Sammi MorrillFrom Benefits to Completion: Student Veteran's Educational Attainment at a Texas Community CollegeDr. Louella H. Tate11/14/2016
Jessica Mislevy / Rebecca GriffithOpen Education Resources (OER) degree InitiativeDr. Gaye Lynn Scott10/25/2016
Lauren SebelAccommodating Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury in Student Veterans: A Collective Case Study Analysis of the Experiences and Perceptions of Disability Service PractitionersDr. Gaye Lynn Scott9/28/2016
Dr. Gregory CumptonACC Strengthening Instituions Grant EvaluationKaren Serna9/12/2016
Fiscal Year 2016
Kusali GamageGP-EXTRA: Engaging and retaining students in the geosciences at two-year colleges (2YC) through undergraduate researchRobert Blodgett7/18/2016
Cara DiMattina-RyanA Qualitative Examination of the Rules of a Community College and Industry PartnershipHector Aguilar6/8/2016
Stacey GuneyThe Role of Metacognition Skills in Developing Student Success in Adaptive Learning Technology4/6/2016
Joel RoblesA Collective Case Study of Student-Veterans' Perceptions of and Experiences with Veteran-Specific Programs and Services in Texas Community CollegesGaye Lynn Scott3/10/2016
Doug Strycharczyk"Expanding Mental Toughness-MTQ48 Plus Validation StudyStacey Guney2/28/2016
Tunya CarrAdult Learners Engaged or Not: Student Engagement in a Midwest Community CollegeDr. Herb Coleman2/15/2016
Fiscal Year 2015
Sarah PowellInvestigating the Effects of Algebra and Rational Numbers on Post-Secondary Preparation, Access and Persistence for Students with and without Mathematics DifficultyCarolynn Reed10/6/2015
Gaily Bayeta"Student Success: Creative Confidence."10/6/2015
Eduardo GarciaA Collective Case Study of Community College Students Enrolled in Developmental Education of Experiences and Perceptions of Counseling and Advising ServicesEmma Moore8/14/2015
Stacey GuneyEarly College High School Math TSI Bootcamp5/20/2015
Veronica JonesExploring the Experiences and Identity Issues of English as Second Language Learners in the Community College SettingGuillermo Martinez3/25/2015
Sharon MillerEnsuring Social Success: Assessing the Factors that Affect the Social Experiences of International Students at a large, Urban CC in TexasWilliam Hayden3/10/2015
Trey Marchbanks2015 Texas Survey of Alcohol and Drug Use Among College Students3/9/2015
Jennifer RigsbyPromoting Cultural Diversity in Allied Healthcare Programs: A Case Study12/16/2014
Heather EliasThe Community College Faculty at a Comprehensive Early College High School: A Qualitative StudyMelissa Biegert, Director Early College High Schools10/28/14
Melissa DaltonGroup coordination and collaboration: Embodied interaction during emergency teamwork.Ginger Locke-Floyd, Assistant Professor10/3/14
Alexandra LoukasTobacco Marketing and Alternative Tobacco Use among College Students9/30/14
Fiscal Year 2014
Shalonda HortonFactors Influencing Dietary Fat Intake Among Black Young Adults6/2/14
Ben FerrellThe Effects of Student Psychology on Remedial Math Success: A Case Study on Non-Academic InterventionsMIchael Midgley, Vice President of Instruction6/6/14
Jodi LampiFaculty and Students' Conceptualizations of Disciplinary Writing in Community Colleges across TexasElda Patricia Hernandez, Student Transition and Success Supervisor4/18/14
Stephanie ReevesPerceptions of CollegeKatherine Dowdy, Adult Education Supervisor1/30/14
Fiscal Year 2013
Elizabeth CozzolinoThe Social and Relational Meaning of Child SupportSamuel EchevarriaCruz, Associate Professor of Sociology7/26/13
Stephanie FrazierAn Analysis of the Current Use and Intentions to Use Mobile Learning Strategies among Community College FacultyChristina Michura, Faculty Development Manager7/12/13
Allan PorowskiAccelerating Connections to Employment (ACE) National EvaluationDavid Borden, Executive Director, Adult Education6/4/13
Azure BrownCoping Strategies Used by African American Male Undergraduates3/20/13
Joey OfferQuality Enhancement Plan: Math PLUS1/23/13
Julia KaufmanAn inquiry into the effectiveness of Open Learning Initiative online coursesJennifer Back, Associate Professor of Psychology12/12/12
Paige Haber-CurranLatino/a and Hispanic Student Leadership at Hispanic-Serving InstitutionsDr. Richard Armenta, AVP for Student Success9/21/12
Fiscal Year 2012
Nancy MeredithPaired Reading Compared to Teacher Read-Aloud in Advanced Adult Education ESL ClassesDavid Borden4/24/12
Sharon StoverInteractive TelevisionMocha Jean Herrup4/9/12
David OsmanSecondary and University US History Educators’ Perceptions of How Courses Utilize College and Career Readiness StandardsTheresa Thomas3/21/12
Joanne TruongA Pilot Study: Professor's Preceptions of Effective Teaching Strategies in Developmental Classrooms at a Community College in Central TexasAnne Praderas3/6/12
Carrie Lou GarberoglioComputer-Mediated Communication in Classroom Settings with Deaf Students Learning English as a Second Language: A Pilot StudyErika Domatti2/13/12
Cyntreva Paige Stephanie PeacockStudents’ algebraic reasoning and connections to various mathematical learning experiencesJoey Offer11/11/11
Carrie BredowWanting More Than You Can Get: The Role of Unrealistic Mate Standards in PartneringLinda Welsh10/14/11
Mary HarrisHearing their voices: The experiences of General Education Development (GED) graduates in transitioning to and persisting in community collegeKathleen Christensen9/14/11
Fiscal Year 2011
Deborah TindellFaculty Experiences and Policies Regarding Text Messaging in the ClassroomMissi Patterson7/5/11
Shannon BaileyMusical ability and tonal languages: A psychoacoustic study of transfer effects in the perception and production of tone in two domainsLyman Grant6/3/11
Daniel MurphyCollege Students Taking STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) StudyYolanda Chapa6/6/11
Shari RodriquezHispanic Students Perceptions of Online Learning CoursesStephanie Hawley3/4/11
Virginia AyarsA Comparison of Perceptions of Online and Face-to-Face Learners in the Same Associate Degree Nursing ProgramNancy Walters1/31/11
Alexa Martin-StoreySelf Concept and Mental Health in Undergraduate StudentsCarol Hawk1/31/11
Saad EwaysTuning Engineering Education in TexasJames Heath11/4/10
Nancy ArguetaGifting cultural capital: An intervention study for Latino college students at three institutionsTobin Quereau10/18/10
Fiscal Year 2010
Christopher Beevers Emily WadeEating Disorders: An Effectiveness Trial for At-Risk College StudentsKathleen Christensen6/17/10
Robert Wade BradfuteDyscalculia Cognitive Behavioral intervention with developmental mathematics students utilizing NoltingKathleen Christensen7/16/10
Christopher HastingsDigital Storytelling in the ESL Classroom: A ComparisonMary Corredor3/23/10
Sara L. (Sally) TobinThe New Genetics: Electronic Tools for Education Innovation Online Genetics CurriculumTrish Phelps12/2/09
Fiscal Year 2009
Sandra Eames2+2+2 Jumpstart ProgramGiao Phan6/8/09
Abigail McNeelyDifferences Among Community College Students on Dimenstions of Wellness as Measured by the 5-F WEL-AAmber Kelley6/2/09
Lisa LattucaPrototype to Production: Processes and Conditions for Preparing the Engineer of 2020David Fonken4/6/09
Kim Fromme"The UT Experience!"Theodore Hadzi-Antich Jr.9/10/08
Fiscal Year 2008
Odell BrownBusiness and IT Leaders' Behavorial Affects on Alignment and Project Outcome: A Comparative Leadership StudyGeraldine Tucker7/25/08
Hanna GourgeyCentral Texas Engineering Education CollaborativeConnie Wall7/16/08
Shirley Carson-DavisA Study to Determine The Effects of Concept Mapping As A Classroom Activity To Improve Vocational Nursing Student's Critical ThinkingPatricia Recek5/14/08
Pedro Reyes, Ph.D.Immigrant Latina/o Education Marticulation Study (Focus Groups)Richard Armenta & Mariano Diaz-Miranda1/22/08
Barbara StreckerImplementation of a Tobacco Use Intervention Program into Clinical Dental Hygiene Education: A Program EvaluationRenee Cornett1/14/08
Herbert L. ColemanThe Personality Traits of Instrumentality and Expressiveness in Relation to Microcomputer PlayfulnessRichard Smith1/9/08
Marilla SvinickiCEC/ACC Nursing program evaluationKathryn Lauchner9/20/07
Fiscal Year 2007
Kris S. SeagoNews as Entertainment: Seduction or Distraction?Glen Hunt5/4/07
Clay SpinuzziStudying Office Work in an Academic Department: A Field StudyGail Bayeta4/17/07
Kimberly MartinezAssess the effectiveness of fact-to-face and e-mail communication in the HR dept.Gerry Tucker3/23/07
Kristy L. Hamm ForellBasic Writing (Un)Written: A Genealogy in TexasRichard Armenta3/23/07
Jason SparksHuman Performance AuditEileen Klein2/21/07
Rosemary Reynolds-SundetToward a Greater Understanding of Student Persistence: Learning Communities in a Developmental SettingRichard Armenta1/31/07
Diana CastilloHybrid Course Effectiveness QuestionnaireGeorge Reyes12/6/06
William WurtzOrganization Creative Climate Questionnaire/Survey ResearchAmber Kelly12/4/06
Terry Stewart MouchaylehRecruiting and Retaining New Generations of Community College FacultyRichard L. Smith9/28/06
Fiscal Year 2006
Jack IsbellPerceptions Concerning the Ethnical Leadership of Community College Deans and Directors and the Impact of Those Perceptions on Job Satisfaction and Work PerformanceMike Midgley8/25/06
Kimberly H. WoodComparison of Locus of Control and Perceived Stress Between Traditional and Nontraditional College StudentsDan Grangaard4/13/06
Susan Warner ThomasonA Comparative Study of Faculty Experiences Teaching Online Courses and Teaching in Traditional Classroom SettingsRichard L. Smith1/30/06
Buffie ColbertThe Effectiveness of Patient Simulation as a Teaching ToolPat Recek & Jo Ann Zervekh12/01/05
Joey OfferHelp Seeking in Developmental Mathematics CoursesVicki Payne12/01/05
Fiscal Year 2005
Kathryn LauchnerPartnership for Innovation: Alliance for Innovative Nursing Education National Science Foundation Grant for Texas Tech University Health Science Center School of Nursing and Austin Community College Associate Degree Nursing Program (Funded Spring 2005)Eileen Klein7/27/05
Michael UngerThe US Supreme Court and Public OpinionRex Peebles7/5/05
Melissa Tacket-GibsonTexas College Survey of Attitudes Toward Drug and Alcohol UseLiang Liu4/27/05
Beck BrockCATE 4340Eileen Klein3/14/05
Susan L. RayeEmployee Commitment3/2/05
Stacy PogueMeasuring ACC Students’ Access To and Attitudes About Health Insurance CoverageKathleen Christensen2/14/05