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From Achieving the Dream’s “SUCCESS is what counts”:
“Achieving the Dream was created to help more community college students succeed — complete courses, earn certificates and earn degrees. The initiative is built on the belief that broad institutional change — informed by student achievement data — is critical to achieve this result.”

“Achieving the Dream colleges have made specific commitments to improve student achievement on their campuses. They have pledged to maintain open access while working to increase the percentage of first-time credential-seeking students who:

  • Complete developmental courses and move on to credit-bearing courses. Now, 27 percent of students referred to developmental education courses complete those courses.
  • Enroll in and complete gatekeeper courses, such as introductory math and English. Now, 11 percent complete gatekeeper courses in both math and English.
  • Complete the courses they take, earning a grade of C or higher. Our data allow us to measure course completion with any grade. Now, 59 percent of credits attempted are completed with any grade.
  • Re-enroll from one semester to the next. Now, 70 percent of first-semester students re-enroll for the second semester; 44 percent of first-semester students re-enroll for both the second and third semesters.
  • Earn certificates and degrees. Now, 11 percent earn some type of credential (certificate or degree).

To improve student achievement, colleges have agreed to use data to drive strategies, monitor progress and evaluate outcomes; develop strategies to close performance gaps among students; involve their faculty, students, staff and communities in their efforts; report data and outcomes broadly, both on and off campus; form partnerships with their communities, local businesses and others; and advocate for state and national policy changes as needed.”

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