To access TIPS dasboards and some other TIPS reports you need to be connected to the ACC Network.

ACC Network Connection can be done using Global Protect Agent or Starting a Virtual Desktop Session.

If your system has installed the Global Protect Agent it will be showed in the Windows Task Bar near the clock. opening the icons group.

Double-click the GlobalProtect icon in the system tray icon ( 🌎 ) icon to launch the agent interface. A little window with the blue ‘Connect’ button will be displayed.

The authentication window will be displayed, asking to enter your ACCeID and Password

After entering your ACCeID and Password, and pass the second step authentication

To join the ACC Network and reach TIPS server, there is available also the use of the Virtual Desktop, this will not require any software to be installed, as it is a browse-only solution.

Easy steps to connect:

  1. Go to
  2. Entering your ACCeID and Password, and pass the second step authentication.
  3. Click on ACC Virtual Desktop.
  4. Re-enter your authentication credentials in the VMware Horizon Login Screen.
  5. Select any of the virtual desktops available for you.
  6. This will open a windows desktop connected to the ACC Network inside your browser, from here you can open a browser like in your local system and enter to and get access to the dashboards/reports that are available only inside the ACC Network.