Austin Community College’s Office of Institutional Research and Analytics (OIRA) conducts e-mail and phone surveys of recent graduates and certificate achievers. As an incentive to participate, OIEA holds a drawing for a $100 gift card for those who complete the survey after it closes. The most recent completed survey was for the Summer 2015 term. 154 surveys were taken by those who completed their programs and certificates, and a random drawing was held from those names.

And the winner is… William Garlow, who attended his classes at ACC’s Northridge Campus!

William stopped by OIEA’s offices at the Highland Business Center campus to receive his certificate and gift card. When asked if he would be willing to pose for a picture with OIEA vice president Soon Merz and researcher Dr. Richard Griffiths, he responded “Of course! Maybe if people see that someone actually wins these, more people will take the survey next time!” We can only hope so, William!